Crater Lake - Rim Wildlife Good Mornings

During a recent visit to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon I was driving around the rim to watch the sunset and a deer almost ran into the side of my car. It was surprising since I had never seen a deer up 7,000 feet on the rim drive. Early the next morning along the same stretch I encountered what I believe was the same deer as the night before. I was the only one in the area so what came about next was what I could call a game of hide and seek.


I slowly and quietly moved closer. The deer eying me and then passing me off as harmless for a moment. The sound of the shutter was the only thing that kept us from being completely comfortable with the others presence. This tiptoe hide and seek went on for about 5 to 10 minutes before the deer casually walked up into a group of trees.

A Steller Jay also joined in the game of hide and seek.