BIP Studio Is Now JR Visuals


In 2006 BIP Studio and came into existence. It was the start of creating a more serious approach to my artwork as I was in my last years of college. Before that time was the website I had going back to 2000. I was in high school at that time and my passion for computer graphics, photography, and film making had just started.

Now in 2013 it's time to take another step forward. JR Visuals ( is replacing BIP Studio ( This decision was made to better associate my name, James Rodberg, to my artwork and to continue to build a more professional presence. I was always fond of the BIP Studio name and the fact that a short website domain name can be hard to find. It unfortunately was not very descriptive of the services I provide and the art I create. Photography, film making, and graphic design have become my main focus since I graduated with my Digital Arts degree so this change not only communicates the evolution of my career up till now but where it is heading.

The old domain is not gone. I will continue to own and it will continue to redirect automatically to for many year to come.

There are a lot of exciting opportunities ahead. Thank you for your continued interest and support.


James Rodberg

JR Visuals