Old Steamers - 1900s Tractors


The Woodburn Tulip Festival has some early 1900s steam powered tractors on display. Walking up to them you saw puffs of steam coming from various valves and stacks. There were several men keeping small fires going inside of them. As you got within a couple feet you could feel the warmth radiating from the thick metal chambers.

Seeing these steam workhorses reminded me of my grandparents house which has some old photos of steam tractors on a wall in the living room.

I used a 24mm and 40mm lens to capture a mix of close up and wide shots. I kept the shots tight for more visual impact and to keep modern day elements out of the shots. When editing them I decided to bring out the texture and hard lines of the metal. The less colorful tractors I gave a more antique look to the images.

Gear Used: Canon 6D, 24mm lens, 40mm lens.

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