Photography Bucket List .... Started.


Lists are good for a lot of reasons. A photographer’s bucket list of places, people, events, and things to photograph is important to help keep us inspired. Seek out new places. Explore.

I will be publishing blog posts in the coming weeks and months from this years trips which included Smith Rock State Park, Crater Lake National Park, Silver Falls State Park, and other trips are still being planned before the end of the year.

I started writing down my bucket list a couple weeks ago and its just going to keep growing. I will be starting with focusing on some of our great National Parks in the U.S. and then expanding out from there.  The goal is to cross off at least 2 or 3 items from the list each year and to keep adding to the list at the same time. Suggestions welcome.

National Parks

Arches National Park — Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park — Utah

Crater Lake National Park — Oregon ** Done – Sept 2012 **

Denali National Park — Alaska

Glacier National Park — Montana

Grand Canyon National Park — Arizona

Grand Teton National Park — Wyoming

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park — Hawaii

Mesa Verde National Park — Colorado

Olympic National Park — Washington

Redwood National Park — California

Sequoia National Park — California

Yellow Stone National Park — Wyoming

Yosemite National Park — California

Zion National Park — Utah

Other U.S. Locations, Landmarks, & Cities

Appalachian Mountains – Fall Color
Napa Valley – California
Medieval Castle –

Washington D.C.
Boston – Massachusetts
Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

Foreign Countries

New Zealand
Norway / Finland
Peru – Machu Picchu
(Southern) Africa – Wildlife Photo Safari

Wildlife – Specific

Puffin (Maine, Alaska, or Norway)
Bald Eagle (in the wild)
Hawks, Eagles, Falcons (hunting)
Whales Jumping

Please comment below if you have suggestions of places, events, sports, people, monuments, etc.